US/International Best Narrative Feature at 2011 AMC Theatres Kansas City Film Fest Best Actress: Brea Grant at 2011 FirstGlance Film Festival (Philadelphia) Best Florida Project at 2011 Central Florida Film Festival Special Jury Award at 2011 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival 1st Runner Up at 2011 Vegas Cinefest 2011 25 New Faces: Gingger Shankar at Filmmaker Magazine's Grand Cinema Series in Tacoma July 2011 Featured Selection at Film Courage Interactive Opening Night Feature at 2011 Spirit Quest Film Festival Official Selection at 2011 Flyway Film Festival Official Selection at 2011 Gig Harbor Film Festival Official Selection at 2011 Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival Official Selection at 2011 Sidewalk Film Festival

About the Film

As America enters a second decade of war, many soldiers feel misperceived, unrecognized, and unsure where they belong when they return. Homecoming shows a rare glimpse of a female soldiers story - a view one seldom finds in cinema. In this AMC Theatres Kansas City Best US/International Narrative Feature, writer/director Sean Hackett strays away from war film "hot topics" (injury, PTSD, politics) and instead focuses on the broader subject of what these soldiers sacrifice - their 20s. By turns hilarious and heartbreaking, this authentic and acute portrait shows Estelle redefining "home."

Estelle contemplates returning to war.

Production Notes

This low-budget, high-value, feature film stars Brea Grant (Max Payne, TV's Heroes), John Robinson (Elephant, Lords of Dogtown), Colleen Camp (Election, Die Hard III) and British up-and-comer Tom Fox Davies (Vanity Fair). Homecoming is the first production of publishers Tim & Mary Larson and their About the Logo production company. It was co-produced by Tomas Deckaj (Sundance-winner Martha Marcy May Marlene) and Josh Shelton (Youtube Filmmaker of the Year). The film's score was composed by Gingger Shankar (Sundance-winner Circumstance). Bruce Goodman (Oscar-winner No Country for Old Men) and David Kitchens (Fist Foot Way, George Washington, and Emmy-winner Expedition: Bismarck) supervised post-production.

Owen (Sean Hackett) explains what happened in Georgetown...

Sean Hackett :: Writer, Director, Producer

Sean Hackett returned to his hometown to premiere Homecoming - his directorial debut. Opening night at AMC Theatres - Mainstreet was sold out, and the film went on to win Best Narrative Feature at the AMC Theatres Kansas City FilmFest.

Hackett began his career working for David Fincher on the critically acclaimed feature Zodiac. Since then he has worked on award-winning productions at Jerry Bruckheimer Productions and Fox Searchlight. He is currently developing two projects that he is attached to direct, The Follow-Up and The Party's At Portman's. Hackett is currently in Nashville directing an untitled project with the family of Robert Altman.

Owen (Sean Hackett) explains what happened in Georgetown...

Tim & Mary Larson :: Producers

Tim and Mary Larson have a particular interest in films that feature women in strong roles, with excellent writing, from new writers of any age. Their company, About The Logo, has several screenplays currently in development and pre-production and will be in production in Austin this Summer.

Tim & Mary have been growing businesses since 1984, when Tim helped found Larson Texts, Inc. That company and its imprints (Meridian, TDLC, Larson Learning, Big Ideas Learning, and have published hundreds of best-selling textbooks and multimedia titles. Mary started an arts-oriented cafe and gallery, Moonsense Cafe, featuring the visual and performing arts with locally and internationally known artists displayed and playing weekly.

Tim developed and wrote numerous multimedia titles and children's books, and is the senior researcher and developer for the Larson line of products. Mary wrote the award-winning Radar Rooster preschool safety series and edited the Newspapers in Education award-winning Rookie Reporter.

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What the press is saying …

A surprisingly assured debut, Hackett's film captures a soldier's story with a gentleness and grace that allows the experience of the individual to feel much bigger. - Kate Erbland, Gordon and the Whale

"Writer/Director Sean Hackett scratches (or finds) that hard-to-reach filmmaking place where the storytelling feels effortless." - Phil Pirrello, IGN Movies

"…every once in awhile there's a truly independent film [like Sean Hackett's Homecoming] that pops out of nowhere that deserves as much attention [as the star-studded films]." - Melissa Molina,

"Insightful, sensitive and highly entertaining ... 'Homecoming' strikes a unique chord seldom heard in coming of age films."; "I can so relate to this … an excellent movie!" - Cynthia Haines, NPR

"Sean Hackett's Drama 'Homecoming' is a beautiful film …" - Lucas McNelly, Filmmaker Magazine

"... a moving, thoughtful look at three 20-somethings whose lives have stalled ..." - Dan Lybarger, KCActive

"[Sean Hackett's] off to a great start." - Dave Richards, Erie Times News

"I thought it was great!" - Ramsey Mohsen, Digital Evolution Group